DNP Linear Motion Motorized Camera Slider for Timelapse Photography

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DNP_2982Coming Soon!

Introducing the new DNP linear motion motorized camera slider. Design for time-lapse photography. Also may be used for video** applications. Adds smooth motion to your time-lapse and video** projects. This slider includes one motor of your choice and one motor controller (see below). Easy change motor. Simply loosen the motor mount with an Allen wrench and move pulley to the new motor. Install motor in motor mount. Rotate motor to adjust belt tension and tighten Allen screw on motor mount. Will work with most 37 mm diameter motors with a 6 mm shaft. This slider will work with cameras ranging from medium format, DSLR’s, go Pro and point-and-shoot Cameras. The slider is hand-built and tested before shipment. included is 1 slider with motor mount timing belt, pulleys and slider Dolly 1 12v motor and 1 motor controller (Cameras, ball heads, video heads and tripods NOT included).

Slider and motor specifications

  • Overall length 44 inches
  • 8 lbs Slider and motor
  • Camera travel 31 inches
  • built on the DryLin W1080 Linear Guide Camera Slider for smooth travel.
  • Removable three-legged stand with adjustable ball feet for stability on most surfaces.
  • 3 tripod ¼- 20 thread mounts on bottom of slider.(Each end and middle)
  • 3/8” ball head mount with ½” spacer for easy ball head mount and operation on travel Dolly.
  • Choose from several motors for your particular application.
  • 3-12volt 1 RPM motor = travel from 16 minute* full travel to 28 minute* full travel.
  • 3-12volt 15 RPM motor = travel from 50 seconds* to 2.5 minutes* full travel.

DNP_2983 DNP_2985 DNP_2986DNP_2987 DNP_3005Other motors available by special request and special order please contact me for more information.
*Times are approximate and may vary with camera weight and battery voltage. Variable speeds require a motor controller.
**Video with sound May require a remote microphone to reduce noise generated by the camera slider motor.

Motor controller

This 12volt motor controller is variable speed and reversible. It is self-contained with battery and RCA output connector. Simply use an RCA audio patch cable (supplied) to connect controller to motor. This motor controller is ideal other do it your self projects. Along with future projects like a motorized camera pan head. Motorized barn door star tracking head for Astro Widefield photography.

Motor controller specifications.

  • 12volt Variable speed reversible pulse width modulating motor controller module. Meaning this controller produces fill 12 V pulsed through the entire variable speeds. This produces better power at lower speeds.
  • Casil CA1212 12v-1.2ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery. Will work for hours and hours.
  • 12volt 300 mA battery charger.
  • Charging LED indicator light.
  • Power switch with LED.
  • Variable speed potentiometer.
  • On/Off/On direction switch.
  • 1 amp fuse protected Input and Output

Grand Traverse Lighthouse Northport Michigan in March

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Michigan is truly a water Wonderland with 3126 miles of freshwater Shoreline on the Great Lakes. A trip to Michigan in March revealed no signs of water or Shoreline. Just a foreign frozen Arctic like landscape. For an entire week temperatures never went above 15° and with record snow bare ground was nowhere to be found except for the roads. I visited Grand Traverse Lighthouse in the summertime and it is such a beautiful place but in March it took on a whole new look. No children playing on the beach or splashing in the water just 3 to 4 feet of snow drifting against the mountains of ice rising 10 to 15 feet  and in the distance maybe reach heights of 20 or 30 feet tall. Anyways nothing but snow and ice as far as the eye can see. I have never seen so much snow and ice on the Great Lakes. Not a footprint to be found except my own in this winter wonderland. Snowshoes were about the only way to get around. Along the way between Traverse City and the lighthouse were other photographic opportunities like the barns shown in this video. Michigan is a beautiful place to photograph even in the winter as well as the spring, summer and fall.

The Grand Traverse lighthouse is located 37 miles north of Traverse City Michigan. take Highway 22 S West Bayshore Dr. towards Sutton Bay and then past the town of Northport to the end of the road where you’ll find signs to the lighthouse.


February Sangre de Cristo Range Westcliff Colorado

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18 Photos were combined to produces this panoramic photograph of the Sangre de Cristo Range  looking towards Westcliff Colorado to the south. DNP-1200-Sangre de Cristo Range-

Cripple Creek Colorado Ice Sculpture Festival

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Valentine’s Day 2014 – a visit to the annual Cripple Creek Ice Sculpture Festival. Cripple Creek is a small mining town just southwest of Colorado Springs. With the recent increases in gold prices in the last 10 years or so, the mining operation here has greatly increased in size. But, the town of Cripple Creek has been transformed from a mere mining ghost town from the late 1800′s to a destination casino mountain town. Just a few miles down the road is Victor Colorado, the home town of writer, broadcaster and world, traveler Lowell Thomas. The area has many festivals and events throughout the year. Probably the best reason of all to go to this beautiful part of Colorado is the many great  photographic opportunities.

Ice Sculpture in Cripple Creek Colorado

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Cripple Creek Ice Festival – February 14 – 16 & 22 – 23, 2014