DNP Cameras in Motion Sliders Now available in 4 different sizes

Here at DNP Cameras in Motion we design and build equipment to add smooth motion to your photography. Our newest motorized camera sliders and motor controllers for time-lapse photography are easy to use and built to last and now come in 4  different sizes!


DNP cameras in motion selection chart

camera slider chart

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DNP Linear Motion Motorized Camera Slider 2.0 w/ DNP Motor Controller

DNP_9806-EditIntroducing the second Version of the new 48″ DNP Linear Motion Motorized Camera Slider designed for time-lapse photography which also may be used for video** applications. This product adds smooth motion to your time-lapse and video** projects. It is easy to change motors. Simply loosen the motor mount with an allen wrench and then move the pulley to the new motor. Install motor in motor mount. Rotate motor to adjust belt tension and tighten Allen screw on motor mount.[Read More]